Top Treatments for Intellectual Disability

Finding the right treatment for Intellectual Disability (ID) patients is hardly an easy task.  Everyone in existence has a unique profile and the same rule applies to the ID. These individuals each have a unique personality and the severity of the condition can greatly differ in each and every person.  Functioning capabilities of some can be perfectly normal to extremely restricted in different individuals and the disability can affect specific functions such as language and communication, hearing, cognitive level, speech, emotional status, judgment capabilities and more in different ways.

The right treatment for the right restriction can, however, have a huge impact on the capabilities of ID individuals especially if they receive ongoing intervention from an early age or stage. Life quality and life functioning, as well as the ability to function independently, can greatly be improved with the correct treatment. If you’re looking for specific information about what is Autism or maybe general resources on intellectual disabilities then we recommend Think Organise Do’s learning platform for expert advise and information.

Here is a quick list of the most common treatments available for ID individuals;

Communication therapies

Communication treatments are one of the most important therapies to seek out because this can make a huge difference in the life quality of the ID as well as those that live with or care for them, especially for those who are seeing symptoms & signs of adhd in toddlers.  Speech and language development therapies are usually the first and best resolve for ID individuals even if that means using augmentative and alternative communication methods or aids.

Physical therapies

In many cases, ID results in physical problems.  Physical therapy is important to stimulate the body as much as possible so patients can regain or maintain movability, flexibility and with that a lot of independence when it comes to simple self-care tasks.

Behavioral Interventions

These therapies are designed to problematic behaviors such as violent behaviors, aggressive behaviors or inappropriate behaviors.  There are many different therapies for behavioral issues in ID patients such as applied behavior analysis (ABA), environmental arrangement, functional communication training, incidental teaching and more.

Special education

The capabilities of the ID patient will be evaluated and a special educational program needs to be identified in order to stimulate cognitive functioning and to get the best possible outcome for the condition.

Implemented treatment

In this treatment, peers will be incorporated to assist ID patients with communication in order to reduce isolation or to provide the patient with a role model.

Independence training

ID patients often benefit a great deal from therapy sessions that focus on independent living.  In these therapies, the patient will be evaluated and specific life skills will be taught to help the patient live as independently as possible.

Therapy for ID patients with ADHD or autism

It is not uncommon for ID patients to suffer from a coexisting disorder like ADHD or autism.  In these conditions, it can be particularly challenging to get along with an ID patient. ADHD patients have extreme communication and social interaction problems and will react completely different to others and to personal contact than a normal ID person.  Those with ADHD can be restless, incapable of focusing, can be reckless, impulsive and both ADHD and autistic ID patients are prone to meltdowns. Plenty of ADHD and autism therapies like occupational therapy can benefit these ID patients tremendously. They will learn to cope with their challenges that result from these conditions a lot better and a lot of focus is put on social interaction and communication so these individuals can function as normal as possible and get along better with peers and family members a lot better.

With the right support and therapy ID patients and their families can co-exist a lot easier and many challenges such as physical restrictions can be improved upon.  Early intervention is, however, the key to success for this type of condition.

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